About Us

In May 2021, The SupplyList was founded in Cairo, Egypt. As experienced managers ourselves with a shared passion for helping students with their supply lists, we wanted to fulfill the needs of all Parents & students across Egypt without any hustle physically or virtually.

It is our goal to create a platform that eases the process for students with their schools’ supply lists and have them delivered right at your doorstep without any need to physical efforts or virtual on the website

We’re offering a complete, convenient, risk-free, and time saver solution for Students Supply List. What differentiates us that all the lists are pre-selected. our concept has several benefits for students as well as schools they’re risk free from the pandemic COVID-19 as they won’t be in contact with anyone since everything is done remotely. Secondly, it is timesaving & hustle free since parents & students won’t have to do to any effort to purchase the supply list even on our platform. Also, with us you guarantee the availability of the products needed & with very competitive prices. Last but not least, we offer the optimum solution for the supply list for both Students & Schools. No More time or money wasted on the Supply list.

We are now operating from Cairo. In this short period of time we are delighted to serve 5000+ Students from 10+ Schools. We can’t wait to deliver your Supply List! to your doorstep.

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We offer both cash payments upon delivery & secured online payment system.

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We provide our customer support through E-mails, WhatsApp & Phone Calls.

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